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  • The Eyelash/Mascara Brush is a convenient and easy to use tool for applying your lashes. This soft, flexible brush can be used at home or applied in a salon. It's designed to be disposable, so you'll never have to wash it again. Our mascara brush features color coded brushes so you can find the right brush when it's time to refresh your eyelashes.
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Toasty Glam

Disposable Eyelash/Mascara Brush

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Our pocket book friendly disposable mascara brush is the perfect solution for applying false eyelash extensions. The soft and flexible bristles are gentle on the skin, and help ensure a clean sweep of the lashes. Color coded brushes make it easy to find, even in the darkest depths of a bag or drawer. The ergonomic design allows you to bend the brush (and apply mascara) on the inner and outer corners of your eyes with ease. You can also use this handy tool to brush out any trouble spots. Our mascara brush is designed to be disposable, so after you've used it for several weeks or months, simply toss it and use a new one!